Using Creative Teaching Tools To Engage Children

Teacher Rosalind has been teaching my daughter English and Higher Chinese for more than a year. Back then, my child was struggling to cope with her P3 Higher Chinese. Besides being familiar with the MOE school syllabus and marking, Teacher Rosalind is also a patient and dedicated teacher with a great passion for teaching as can be seen from her personalised and engaging lessons. Using creative teaching tools such as drawing the meaning of words, doing word puzzles and watching educational videos she has created, she has built a great rapport with my daughter. My daughter used to get 60+ but can now attain 80+ in her P4 Higher Chinese exams. Her English is also maintained at 80+. This year, my child even received an award for being third in classI’m heartened to see my child grow and improve under Teacher Rosalind’s guidance.

Emiline, Mother of P4 child