Programme 1:

Chippy’s Language Games

How do we master often neglected but essential skills in a short period of time? Simple. We learn through experience and fun! Learning is meaningful when learners are engaged in an experiential, collaborative and positive emotional learning experience. This means that children retain and apply knowledge best when it is associated with games, teamwork, and lots of laughter. The TPI Ultimate Game Show features a variety of educational games that will surely set fun and teamwork into learning.

What Is In It?

3-hour online workshop

Paper 2 practice with FUN

Access to lesson slides

Lesson reports

Learning Outcomes

Vocab Practice




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Programme 2:

Chippy’s Mystery Files

How do we make knowledge useful? Simple. We provide real world application! Knowledge is created when learning is critical and practical. This means that the best and most useful learning is when a child discovers it himself. TPI’s Case of the Missing Johnny will definitely provide the thrilling, eye-opening, and constructive learning experience your kids are looking for.

What Is In It?

3-hour online workshop

Puzzle games to solve

Creative writing exercise

Lesson reports

Learning Outcomes

Critical thinking

Lateral problem solving

Identifying fake news

Internet research

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Programme 3:

That’s A Rap

How do we learn literary devices effectively and creatively? We We write and perform our very own rapThis workshop teaches learners literary devices like Rhyme and rhythm, metaphors, similes, and other figurative language to create better imagery. This is also a good opportunity to discover hidden skills  and produce a tangible learning outcome.

What Is In It?

3-hour online workshop

Write your very own rap

Back track provided

Unique experience

Learning Outcomes

Rhyme and rhythm

Metaphors and similes

Opportunity to record

and perform

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Programme 4

Regular Class Trials

How does a child score above 30 for composition? TPI’s Power Compo workshop will tell you how. This workshop features 7 writing frameworks. Learners are compelled to write captivating introduction, answer topic questions, describe emotions, and create a strong and rich conclusion.

What Is In It?

3-hour online workshop

Guided & scaffolded lessons

Video included for revision

7 TPI writing frameworks

Learning Outcomes

Writing ON POINT

Planning the story

Starting and ending well

How to write descriptively

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Price List

1 session = 1 class pass ($50)

1 class pass = 1.5 hour session

MIN: 00

MAX: 000

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9 am – 12 noon

2 pm – 5 pm

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