Calling All Parents of P3 – P6 Students!
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A REAL break while your child is having fun and learning useful  and strategies to tackle English and Chinese composition writing and comprehension?

Your child to be meaningfully occupied instead of  idling at home, playing mobile phone games and using apps ALL DAY LONG?

A holiday programme with an unbelievable early bird special rate?

Tremendous Improvement In My Three Children’s Language Results Within A Year

I had been looking for a responsible and patient English teacher who could motivate my children to learn and I’m glad I heard about Miss Rosalind late last year. Since then, she has been teaching my two daughters and two sons English.

All my kids love to play Miss Rosalind’s educational games and are keen to attend her lessons. This is important to me as one of my boys had previously dreaded lessons by other teachers and even hid under the table in fear.

My kids see her as a mentor and do not hesitate to ask her for help in their work. Miss Rosalind guided my daughter in the writing and interview components of her DSA application and I’m proud to say that she was accepted into a prestigious SAP school before the PSLE results were released.

My P6 girl also achieved an A* for her PSLE English and so did my P4 girl for her SA2 English. My P2 boy attends a school which is well-known for setting challenging papers. He is more playful and used to get 60 marks for English so when he started scoring 80 marks within 6 months of coaching, I was pleasantly surprised.

Overall, I feel at ease putting my kids in her charge.

Mrs Liew, Mother of P6, P4, P2 and K2 children (2017)

Do You Want Your Child To Write Impressive A* Compositions That Wow Their Examiners?

In just a 3-hour workshop, your child will learn HOW to write beautiful descriptions using the mysterious Show-And-Not-Tell Writing Technique!

Super Awesome Deals!

Getting A Light Bulb Moment From The Succinct Tips

I’ve received numerous ‘tips’ and ‘bite-sized notes’ via email and I usually take the time to read them all.  However, I find the latest ‘6 Senses Challenge’ from Rosalind very useful, easy to understand and more importantly, easy to apply as well. The concepts are easy to grasp and my son actually looks forward to seeing what the challenge is the following day.  They are succinct and straight to the point.  The learning is impactful and effective.

When I read the notes, I get a light bulb moment! And that helps me to identify the areas I need to focus on when I’m coaching my son in his creative writing. Thank you for infusing fun in this effective series! Look forward to receiving more of such valuable tips!

Joyce Wong, Mother of P4 child

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From Dragging Feet To Class To Excitement From Learning

Engaging Kids and Keeping Parents Updated

Sometimes it's not just about the classes but the passion of the teachers that we have. Guess what? At The Primary Incubator, you get both! 😀

Impactful Exam Techniques That Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Detailed Reviews of Composition Writing In Shakespeare Says Composition Marking Programme

Our Teachers Can Read Minds! o.o!!!
(Help students express their deepest inexpressable thoughts)

Giving detailed feedback for writing


Engaging Kids and Keeping Parents Updated

From C5 to B3 in Eng O Level within 3 months

三个月内在O水准会考中从 C5 跃进到 B3

From D7 to B3 in Eng O Level within 8 months

八个月内在O水准会考中从 D7 跃进到 B3

Supporting Parents To Help Them Build And Maintain More Meaningful Relationships With Their Children

This testimonial was particularly encouraging to us because it really hit home emotionally. So often, we see parents who are tired and worn out. 

I came out of the talk feeling so enthusiastic to be a mum again! I tried their method the very first thing I woke up on my son, and it worked immediately!!!!!

If you're feeling exhausted about having to deal with your child, and feeling helpless because you don't know what to do, then our parenting workshop is definitely going to help you. 

Don't believe what we say! Read the testimonials for yourself!

Rekindled Interest In Learning Chinese Language

Peaceful Home Environment After Attending Parenting Workshop

Practical Parenting Techniques That Work Immediately!

What happened here was that the parent had promised the child that he could get ice cream after the consultation, however, the ice cream shop had closed. No matter how much the mother tried to explain, the child kept on insisting that he wanted ice cream, even during dinner. Because it was the last class of the day, our teacher, Rosalind, also joined the family. 

Rosalind noticed the child was still indignant about the ice cream and simply used the very technique that we teach in our workshop. As you can see from the testimonial, the child stopped asking for ice cream immediately.

The parent, being amazed and how quickly this technique works, used it again the following day to help to calm her child before his taekwondo exam. 

Praise the Lord! 😀

High Learning Retention Through Fun Language Activities

Comprehensive Comments That Add Depth To Composition Writing

Insightful and Interactive Discussions

Real Time Support For Parents Who Attended Our Parenting Workshop

This happened after our holiday programme, where a student only signed up for half a day but insisted that she wanted to stay on for more. Her mother had discussed this with her the previous night and did not want to give in to this particular request. 

We reminded the parent of what she had learnt during the parenting workshop (Hint: You must be feeling...) and the parent implemented this amazing technique right away. 

15 minutes later, everything was solved. 

Passionate Teachers Who Care About Students

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