Changes await us, and we guarantee, they’re really exciting and beneficial to everyone!

The first term of 2020 also marks a new era for The Primary Incubator. We are excited to announce that our operations will be exclusive to mastering the English language. We have also scaled down the teacher student ratio to 1:4! This means that students will be able to receive more specialised attention Such progress is to yield further positive learning outcomes from our current and future learners. 

An Even Smaller Student-Teacher Ratio!

The Primary Incubator has also welcomed 2020 with an unexpected partnership with TCM – Living Waters. This move will allow us to serve you and your family with both intellectual, emotional and physical healing.

An awesome collaboration, in Christ

Another exciting piece of news will be The Primary Incubator’s long-awaited expansion. We are anticipating the progress that 2020 will bring in more locations to our slate. Once this development shows promising returns, we would love to bring TPI to you. Our tuition centres will soon be in various areas of Singapore. We are determined to reach and help more primary children with their language needs. Covering more grounds will help us effectuate such ambition.

The worth and success of these changes are clear to see. We are eager to dedicate our victory to our Saviour, who paves our way. God has allowed The Primary Incubator to give these blessings with our dear parents and students humbly. We are thrilled to witness a glorious future with our stakeholders. Cheers to an exciting 2020!