Let’s remind ourselves of when to use YOUR and YOU’RE. Both are a typical example of perplexing homophones.  Your and You’re may sound the same, but their applications shouldn’t cause any silly confusion.


Your is a Possessive Pronoun, a noun should follow it. Your indicates something that belongs to someone.  

Your birthmark makes you look prettier.

We appreciate your patience.

Your cat went crazy after it smelled the catnips.

Pleading guilty is your best bet to reduce the fine.


 You’re is a contraction, which means ‘you are.’  Do not forget the apostrophe (‘) to designate ‘a.’

You’re pretty with or without makeup.

You’re the most patient person I know.

You’re quite like this goofy cat.

You’re scared, aren’t you?

Let us quit repeating silly mistakes. Your and You’re can never replace each other’s functions. They are not interchangeable even if they sound the same. 

We are excited to know how this helped you. Remember, you’re not your mistakes; keep learning, and believing!