Value Subscription Package (Online Course FREE)

$9.90 / 14 days

This is for students preparing for PSLE.

In this VALUE SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE, you will have FULL ACCESS to the PSLE COMPO VIDEO COURSE, while also getting weekly bite-sized Compo and Compre practices.

PSLE Video Course

You Will Learn…

  1. What Makes A Keyword Framework
  2. CPR Brainstorming Framework
  3. In Action Intro Framework
  4. GROWTH Conclusion Framework
  5. FEAST Framework (Describing Emotions)
  6. 6 Senses Framework (Describing Places)
  7. who AM I Framework (Describing People)

CompoCompre Practice Subscription (Fortnightly)

You Will Get…

WEEK 1: You will get a short 40 – 70 word writing exercise to put into practice a writing framework that we have learnt during the PSLE Video Course. This will come with helping words, guidelines, as well as reminders on how to use the relevant frameworks.

WEEK 2: You will get the model paragraph answer to our writing exercise in the previous week. From this model paragraph, you will be able to see how we apply the framework in a practical and realistic manner. Following which, we will be giving the top 3 comprehension question types that students get incorrect in the PSLE comprehension segment. (1) Inference, (2)Vocabulary, (3)True/False. Through this, you will be able to practice the specific question types, and succeed where others fail.

WEEK 3: The two-week cycle will repeat again. We will be releasing the answers and explanations to the previous week, and you will be getting another writing exercise (See WEEK 1).