My A* Chinese Writing Toolbox

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Suitable For: Primary 4, 5 and 6 students taking Chinese Language (Follows PSLE Picture Composition format)

Language: Chinese

Is your child taught to start his introduction by describing the weather or using a flashback?

Is your child taught to conclude with a general lesson learnt? (e.g. 经一事长一智……)

Is your child taught to memorise good phrases or sentences?

All these are causing him to hate writing Chinese compositions.

What if, your child can write a good story willingly without focusing on the above?

Would you like to learn how?

Here’s a systematic way of helping him write effectively, giving him the result he wants!

What’s in this Programme:

10 self-paced videos with 10 skills your child needs to score that A* in his composition writing, 114-page full-coloured physical workbook (no extra delivery fee), 2 Chinese composition reviews

Includes 60-day money-back guarantee 🙂

As we personally support our students, this programme will be marked as ‘out of stock’ once we enrol the above number of students.

Writing skills take some time to develop. Start now before it’s too late.