About Teacher Christine

Christine has a degree in Education, majoring in English, and is currently midway through her Masters in Education, specialising in curriculum development. Ever since she joined the Primary Incubator team, she has discovered a love of writing that she never knew she had.

“The writing frameworks that The Primary Incubator teaches have dramatically changed my perspective towards writing – I would even say it’s better than my university education!” she says. Today, she enjoys writing stories for her students and even reads the stories that she has written to her 6-year-old daughter.

She hopes to be able to continue growing in her writing skills #livelonglearning to fulfill her fullest potential!

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About The Book

What happened to the cat? Who let the cat out? Join forgetful Johnny as he learns his lesson the fur puffing way.

Our Book Publishing Programme

Would you or your child like to have an ebook an audiobook published? If so, then this is the programme for you!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 3 x private and customised book writing sessions
  • Creation of personalised webpage
  • Illustration services
  • Ebook creation
  • Audio recording and editing services
  • ISBN publishing services