6 Senses Challenge

Finally, a simple and fun challenge that motivates your child to write!

Join our FREE 6 Senses Challenge and your child will learn HOW to write beautiful descriptions using the mysterious Show-And-Not-Tell Writing Technique at home!

Here’s what happens:

  1. Over the next 5 days, we will email you a mini challenge each day.
  2. At the end of the day, we will email you our suggested answers.
  3. If your child emails us his response, we will give him feedback.

Here’s a fraction of what your child will get:

  • Appreciate why it is important to show and not tell at times
  • Learn how to show and not tell using the 6 senses
  • Learn specific words that relate to each of the 6 senses
  • Download our A-to-Z emotions description chart for reference
  • Create their own descriptions instead of memorising flowery phrases mechanically

P.S. Suitable for all levels above P3. 100% privacy. No B.S. No spam. 🙂

An Enjoyable And Effective Challenge Not To Be Missed

Mother of P3 child

Getting A Light Bulb Moment From The Succinct Tips

I’ve received numerous ‘tips’ and ‘bite-sized notes’ via email and I usually take the time to read them all.  However, I find the latest ‘6 Senses Challenge’ from Rosalind very useful, easy to understand and more importantly, easy to apply as well. The concepts are easy to grasp and my son actually looks forward to seeing what the challenge is the following day.  They are succinct and straight to the point.  The learning is impactful and effective.

When I read the notes, I get a light bulb moment! And that helps me to identify the areas I need to focus on when I’m coaching my son in his creative writing. Thank you for infusing fun in this effective series! Look forward to receiving more of such valuable tips!

Joyce Wong, Mother of P4 child